Kickstart Fund

Whether it is a passion project or a viable business solution, students will be given the opportunity to ideate, experiment, and prototype their ideas. With funding up to S$5,000 and business guidance from TSB mentors, students learn how to become dynamic, driven, visionary entrepreneurs. Many of the students who came through the Kickstart Fund have gone on to run commercially successful businesses - some based on the ideas they had in school! Email us at

Makers’ Academy

Every day, Makers' Academy (MA) sees students from all courses walk through its doors. From 3D printing a prototype to creating a structure made of cardboard, many projects have been completed at the lab. We welcome all students to swing by anytime (within opening hours) for their plans. If you do not have the required hands-on skills to create your idea, staff are always ready to help. You only have to ask, learn and enjoy the making process. Find out more

Startup Incubator

Be your boss upon graduation with our Startup Incubator! Our start-up companies receive many benefits - mentoring support, networking with investors, and more. Our hot-desking workstations, private rooms and facilities such as meeting rooms, printing and copying equipment have everything you need. Find out more


We seek to work with the FinTech community locally and globally to provide internships and mentoring opportunities to polytechnic students who are keen to pursue careers in FinTech, helping them understand markets, technology, skills, ecosystem players and regulatory environments. We welcome students from the Polytechnics to register their interest with us to be kept updated of the latest FinTech developments. Find out more

Overseas Innovation Challenge (OIC)

OIC is a two-week long programme (in June) which challenges you to apply your creativity to ideate and propose possible solutions to actual problems posed by local partner companies. The schedule includes a 7-day trip overseas to see how companies deal with their daily operations. When we return to Singapore, you will share your solutions with the local partner company for them to adopt. The OIC trip will be regarded as an IS module taken in April semester. If you have completed your IS elective, this will be considered as an enrichment programme instead. Email us at

Be your own boss competition!

Want to start an F&B business on campus? Here's the opportunity for you to be your own boss in NP! We will be offering you mentorship, 2-year shop lease contract in NP and up to $5000 funding for business operations. Indeed an invaluable experience to run your cafe. Take action now! Email us at